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  1. I guess I will just stay off this topic and figure out whether to go ls1 or ls2 and post stuff about it after completing the swap this summer and ask advice for the mods to the engines afterwards, since most of y'all aren't helpful and don't think I'll be able to do it.
  2. My main thing is does a t56 fit without floor modifications and what turbos or superchargers people have put on there ls1 in a 240z to fit inside a stock good with no hood modifications?
  3. I just purchased a 240z and am looking for advice on the swap I'm planning to do. I was planning on either an ls1 or ls2 with a t56. Is there an advantage for one over the other when putting them in a Z? Also does the t56 fit or does a new bigger transmission tunnel have to be installed? Also I'm assuming it will have to probably be atleast built like stage 2 is that going to make it bigger at all? I was planning on putting a ford 9inch to back it up. I was planning on twincharging (super and turbo charge), I'm open to just supercharge or twinturbo I just don't know which I should do. My goal
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