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  1. I'm running a haltech ps2000 and will be going with the 585 coils as well. Where in MD are you? We will be moving back down there sometime soon (as soon as we sell our place up here)
  2. and I just realized I posted this in tech and not in the members builds...welcome to monday. Mods can delete this one if you'd like
  3. Hey guys, I know most of you probably don't care about who I am (if you don't already know me), but just for fun here is my intro thread that includes the last setup of this car. For those that don't feel like clicking, lets just say it was a FULLY built motor (heads and bottom end) with twin GT3071r's, lots of custom shit, and a haltech ps2000 EMS. That motor lasted me less than 200 miles before a dowel pin sheared and bent all 6 intake valves in my drivers side head, which brings me to this...Big Red v3.0... While building my last setup, I always (half jokingly) said that if anything e
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