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  1. Cornett_james

    79 280zx 302 swap happening soon

    Thank you for the advice, i was gonna run autometer because that's what I've always ran in my race cars but I'll check into it
  2. Cornett_james

    79 280zx 302 swap happening soon

    I'll hopefully have some pictures of the custom dash and gauge cluster tomorrow, going to be a fiberglass half dash and autometer gauges. I need to find a good bucket seat and build the nitrous bottle bracket but hey, what fun is having a car if it's not custom hahaha
  3. Cornett_james

    79 280zx 302 swap happening soon

    Grannyknot, i agree with you 100% hahaha, the 351w is a tall deck but I'm building a cowl hood for it to accommodate the added height. I'm just going to run the motor stock for now but a 351 has a ton more potential than the 302 when it comes to displacement. have you done a similar swap?
  4. Cornett_james

    79 280zx 302 swap happening soon

    Here's the zx, it'll be painted satin black and metallic grey when all is said and done
  5. Cornett_james

    79 280zx 302 swap happening soon

    Its got the r200 but its getting replaced with a posi'd and narrowed Ford 9", it's getting built for actual racing, hoping to hit ppihc next year
  6. Cornett_james

    79 280zx 302 swap happening soon

    ill have photos of the 280zx today, motor and trans will be out tomorrow then i get to fab out my mounts. looks like the 302 might not happen because i picked up a 351w and trans for a steal. so far im into it about 200 total hahaha. any advice or suggestions is always appreciated, ive done several motor swaps so this isnt my first rodeo
  7. I just picked up a 79' like the title says. I bought the car for some body parts for my 81'. I figured after I get what I need off of it, why not drop a 302 into it and make a monster out of it hahaha. the real perk is the l28e and the rest of the drivetrain only has 62k on it, so spare motor and everything else for the 81'. I'll get some pictures up soon and keep everyone posted on my progress
  8. Cornett_james

    '81 280zx quarter panel patches

    I'm looking for both driver and passenger side lower rear quarter panel patches, specifically the area below the bumper.let me know what you have and a price including shipping please, thank you for your time
  9. Cornett_james

    New from Idaho

    Just figured I'd say hi, i just bought an 81' 280zx Na and have big plans for it