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  1. Oh boy, coz i have seen multiple posts are looking for 280zx parts. And i know that 280zx is required to go thru the smog check aka emission test in California may be it is also a reason why the market is small? coz at least i know that i need a cf body parts lol...
  2. I'm just curious, how many Z's lovers are sourcing a carbon fiber parts for your 280zx car? there are not much parts for 280zx specially carbon fiber parts. (well technically there are none.)
  3. I just wondering anyone would be interested in a z32 aluminum calipers front and back. Technically I would like to sell. those calipers have been rebuilt and I have not yet paint those calipers. If someone is interested, please email me. fortis.jeffrey@gmail.com please put z32 calipers as a subject.
  4. Yes. Fuel system and turbo selection are too wide. Not sure which is the best for me. I just want something alittle bit over 400whp. not much. And base on what i know. Assume i'm at the sea level and 14.7 psi, and my car without the turbo and it is a 3.2 stroke then I assuming i will get somewhat 180 on the wheel. which means 180/14.7 = 12.2448980 WHP per 1 psi. So let say if i want 400whp, then i will need 400/x = 12.2448980 >>>> 400/12.2448980= x >>>> x= 32.6666666. since im at the sea level, the psi is 14.7 then 32.6666666-14.7 = 17.9666666. So with the
  5. Thanks Those small things are what I'm missing. I have talked to rebello Dave thru email, and he has asked his son to talk to me when he come back. Will see what turn up next.
  6. I'm new to the states + this forum. So if there are grammar mistakessss please forgive me. I brought a 280zx datsun 2+2 with T-top back to Jun/ July. I'm actually restoring the entire car. At this point I have almost stripped the entire car except the steering system and the wiring. My goal for the car is 450 WHP around there. Purpose of the car is just cursing, might want to turn it to a show car not sure yet. What I have done is 1- I got a S13 tranny with the following spec. FS5W71C 1st: 3.321, 2nd: 1.902, 3rd: 1.308, 4th: 1, 5th: 0.838 2- I did se
  7. how about the MAF? I just got my datsun couple days ago. And I have gotten a new batteries. When I start the car, it does not crank. Im not sure why, this is a project car and it is kind of like in a bad condition. I Have brought a new MAF and clear the throttle body, and I spray some start fluid. It does start. But there is not cranking noise.
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