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  1. rytherwr

    Sneakin' up on 'em...

    Using Electromotive TEC GT for fuel and timing, crank trigger with remote coils, no distributor.
  2. Absolutely makes sense with a standard trans. However, I submit you can get enough engine tilt to install the trans if you either take the distributor cap off or remove the distributor entirely. If you need to, you may be able to slide the engine forward a touch if you have slotted the holes in the motor mount tower.
  3. Oh Davy, you wound me deeply...) I haven't used duct tape since I discovered silicon..(no wise cracks about anatomy, either) ) No, Sir, I did not have to remove the dash.
  4. Easiest way I found is to cut holes in the firewall/floor pan where you can reach the bolts from inside the car. when done, patch the holes with a piece of aluminum and silicone sealer. If you need to remove the trans, cut the silicone, remove the patch, remove/install the bolts. It is all covered by carpet so can't see it.
  5. rytherwr

    Sneakin' up on 'em...

    No 1/4 mile, set up for the 1/8th. Some quick calculations show speed would be somewhat less than 150 MPH, somewhere around 148/149 at around 9.12 in the quarter based on stats for the 1/8th mile.
  6. rytherwr

    Sneakin' up on 'em...

    You got it, Davy, glad you enjoy...great to hear from you! Wayne
  7. rytherwr

    Sneakin' up on 'em...

    In the video's I'm back on the springs (12 lb boost) for the bracket race, but I am actually seeing only around 9 bls of boost when I leave.
  8. rytherwr

    Sneakin' up on 'em...

    Thanks, Hahns, Yes, the backfiring is the rev limiter hooked to the trans brake. Depending on how much boost I'm pushing, I will leave at anywhere from 4000 to 5000 rpm.
  9. rytherwr

    Sneakin' up on 'em...

    Hahns, Videos from 23 Oct 10 are on YouTube...this is one of them. Just punch in rytherwr in the search block and they should come up. Was running a bracket race that night so turned it down as far as I could (12 lbs of boost) and actually won the race....go figger. Wayne
  10. rytherwr

    Sneakin' up on 'em...

    Well, Crap! Scottie. I'll add my sentiments to those of everyone else. Glad you're safe, I hear old people are supposed to be on the porch in a rocking chair instead of crashing cars at 150 plus...) Wayne
  11. rytherwr

    Sneakin' up on 'em...

    Hey there, Scotty! Great to hear from you! Hope all is well in your world. Looks like you have the JZ perkin' along pretty good. And I just KNOW the old codgers are a semblance of you and not me, right? (or possibly both of us?) ) Wayne
  12. rytherwr

    Sneakin' up on 'em...

    Hey SQ, Changed a few things...I've always had ET street tires on the car, (because I was proud I could drive it around) and I liked to brag that I could drive to the track, run a decent number and drive home. They worked pretty well until I started to crank the boost up. It got so I couldn't leave off the brake because I couldn't get traction, even though I have a 4 link and made quite a number of adjustments. Some helped, but not all the way. 60 ft time suffered. When I left on the foot brake, 60 ft time was even worse, of course. I tried a couple of seconds of nitrous, and began to spin again. Got tired of that, so put travel limiters on the front end, changed gears from 3.50's to 3.89's, changed to slicks, put the car on wheel scales with my fat butt in it, and had a buddy make spring adjustments until I had a good balance, installed a nice anti-roll bar, and wah-la! pretty good 60 ft times and a decent number. runs straight as an arrow, so I am fixin' to turn up the wick and see where we are. Thanks for asking. Wayne
  13. rytherwr

    Sneakin' up on 'em...

    Hey Hahns, Amazing! I was just watching your videos the other night admiring the way that thing runs! No, I don't have video's, however, I am running this Saturday night and hope to have some videos from those runs. If they come out ok, I will post them. Good to hear from your and I am impressed with the way you run. Wayne
  14. Hey folks, long time-talk. Update on the Purple People Eater...ran a 5.76/119 in the 1/8th the other night. 1.25 sixty foot times. Finally figuring stuff out and looking for lots more. Wayne