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  1. I running lm7 with dirty dingo mounts and Sanderson headers. Has anyone made their own 4l60e bracket? Or know of one that works with this combo? Car is a 77 280z
  2. The complete fbody pan is only 100 more. Guess I'm ordering that! Thanks
  3. Has anyone used the gm muscle car ls oil pan kit in the 280z with the jci mounts? https://m.summitracing.com/parts/nal-19212593?seid=srese1&cm_mmc=pla-google-_-shopping-_-srese1-_-chevrolet-performance&gclid=COu509uHs9ECFRCHswod7mUOgA
  4. jbenj00

    l28et t5

    '82 l28et (originally from 280zx turbo) Miles unknown, salvage yard graded it "grade A" -palnet smooth bore fuel rail/with adj fpr -440cc fuel injectors -walbro 255lph fuel pump -n42 non egr intake manifold -skyline r33 water cooled turbo 280zx internally regulated alternator 240sx throttle body -megasquirt MS1v2.2 standalone ECM -DIY autotune relay board -280zx turbo dizzy with HEI ignitor new wiring harness from the relay board with all weather proof connectors and numbered. and a '82 borg warner t5 whats the average value? its a complete plug n play swap
  5. Why the recesses firewall? I'm curious I haven't started the swap yet
  6. 1: i most likely will cut where it hits a fab up a "prettier" fix for the tunnel. 2: My first purchase for this endeavor is going to be a beefy tranny jack. 3. its going to be controller via the 5.3 computer tuned with hp tuners. with a transgohd2 kit. besides the dirty dingo, what headers are your running. I would love long tubes, but that can wait i just want mounts that will better help me when i do get long tubes.
  7. Hello all, just picked up my first 280. It's a 77 clean body no rust. I've searched and read thru alot of threads here. I'm curious as to what mounts to use for the motor, as I have read most have pros and cons. I was thinking of going for the cx kit for motor and modifying the trans for the 4l80e. On that note I have found that I have to massage the tunnel but no one has documented it. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated!
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