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  1. I have searched, it just brought up like 6 or 7 of people just TALKing about the engine, but non of how one goes about doing it. Well, I'm looking to get a 280z... and I've been going back and forth about if to just sup up the L28... or swap in an L28ET... Or maybe a V8... But then it hit me... V6! and then I thought to myself, supercharger/turbo set up from factory and BAM! the 3.8L SC!!. It's easy to achieve power from it, with swapping a pulley, Gives a nice SC sound and would give the lil 280Z a fast run. and Would seem to have reasonably good amount space for being a V6. My question is: Do I get a set of Mounts for the engine then weld them on the frame, or by chance would there be a universal Bolt on kit for V6 engines? ---- And when doing all this? I would just need to use the ECU Harness, and ECU and route them so it works? Or would there be more then it to that? Thanks! P.S. I figured with this, I could have a clean swap with a Supercharger on it, and it's not as heavy as a V8! ...So I DID search, but got nothing about mounting! Thanks again!
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