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  1. I have a 81 with "ball " steering and I'm converting to 83 R&P mainly due to the fact that when I'm cornering there is a little "catch" that drines me crazy. Plus I belive R&P is more responive. Ken
  2. ken280zx

    SDS Hall sensor

    I live in Medford Oregon and just hoping some one on this site lives near by and has a SDS system on their car and would be welling to help with setting the hall sensor so that both well read. I don't seem to be able to get it to stay in place. I can get them to read but when I tighten it up ,it moves and it go back to not reading. ken 541-821-1756
  3. I am working on a 80zx. I have the body on a rotisserie and the suspenion is all off the car. I found a rear diff out of a 92 300zx. Has any one ever used a Z32 diff on a 280zx? Ken
  4. Once you have the belt on and before you put everything back on try to start it. It should start right up.
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