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  1. Ok. I'm locking on this swap. I'm doing the basic swap plus the option items, which totaling $17,809 for the ls1(this is from their site)If they offer ls3, I will go that route even if it costs more. I'm a honda guy and can do my own b-series swap, now at 37, I just want to maintain a nice finishing project and enjoy driving. My goal is to have the power when I need it. I'm not into any racing but occasionally participate at the local 1/4 raceway. Basically, the build is for my enjoyment. I'm not familiar with the z, but will get to know it.with this builds, I don't like the drum disk brake. What is a good rear setup to accommodate this power.thanks
  2. Thanks guys. Zfever is what I'm looking for. They do the swap for ls1, I wonder if they offer ls3 too. I will keep you guys posted of my project.
  3. Hi. im new in here. I just adquired my 1971 240z. I had always been a fan of the Z. and had been wanting one to put in an ls3 motor in. awhile back while I did research, I found a company/shop that does turnkey ls 240z swap for around $12,000. I think the shop is located in FL, I think. but now I couldnt find that site anymore. Anyone know a place that do turnkey ls 240z swap please let me know. I dont have the time to do the swap myself but had been save up for the turnkey swap. I couldnt find that site anymore. anyone knows please let me know. thanks.
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