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  1. Jaymanbikes

    280Z Restomod Progress

    Hey Dave, good to see you are still making cool changes to your Z. I totally agree on the Steering wheel. I thought about getting one for my 280 but ended up doing a 240 wheel which I really like. Can you share more info on your fire extinguisher set-up? Thanks!
  2. Jaymanbikes

    Gas Monkey 280Z

    Nice car but I agree, why a 2+2? The back end looks a little funky, it has a front bumper why not a back. I think it would break up that big chunk of open green space.
  3. Jaymanbikes

    280z strut housings

    Looks for full set front/rear strut housings for a 280z. Don't care about the brakes, just need good housings with clean front Spindle's for coil over conversion. Thanks! Jay
  4. I changed my 77 280z front disc calipers to the Toyota PU Calipers and the ZX master cylinder. Everything fit perfectly, clearance between the pads and the rotors was perfect. I then bled the system and both fronts are sticking. If it were one side I would say bad caliper but both are doing the same thing. Any thoughts one what might be happening?
  5. Jaymanbikes

    Clutch Rattle

    I ended up purchasing an almost complete set of bearings from zcar depot for the 5spd. We tore down the trans and found one bearing had the slightest of bad spots. A rough spot that only showed up about every other spin. We reassembled and used Redline trans fluid. The noise has gone away completely. I cant help but wonder if it would have disappeared with addition of the Redline only.
  6. Looking for trips on installing new padding and seat covers on my 77 280Z. I purchased new foam from MSA and the covers on-line, see attached. Looking for suggestions on material to replace the horsehair fiber. Also any tools that might be helpful on the job, I do have a heat gun. Thanks!
  7. Jaymanbikes

    Clutch Rattle

    No, I did not know at the time that this was something commonly replaced when the clutch work is done. I used a shop to do the work, my guess is they didn't know either. My thought is that once the car is into the higher gears, road noise and other sounds are simply drowning the sound out, just a guess.
  8. Jaymanbikes

    Clutch Rattle

    Yea, I know someone with the same Trans, doesn't make a noise like this at all. The magnet had some very tiny shavings.
  9. Jaymanbikes

    Clutch Rattle

    It's nothing that significant, it's unfortunately something that wouldn't show up on video. I have a friend that has a second transmission, we were considering a swap. Unfortunately I don't know the history of that Trans so it's a bit of a shot in the dark.
  10. Jaymanbikes

    Clutch Rattle

    I wasn't able to get the Redline Oil locally so I tried Mobil 1. It didn't help with the noise at all. Looking for more suggestions, would it be advisable to order the Redline Oil? Thanks for input, suggestions!
  11. Jaymanbikes

    Clutch Rattle

    I have a 77 280z, I recently had the clutch replaced. I also had what I believed to be a bad throw out bearing, had a rattle when the clutch was not pushed in and the car is at idle. I had the clutch and throw out bearing replaced and I still have the rattle, just as bad, maybe worse. Any thoughts?
  12. Looking for a source for a rear speaker enclosure to use in a 1977 280z. MSA is out of stock with no estimated delivery date. I have 6x9 speakers. Thanks
  13. Jaymanbikes

    Soft Speaker Enclosure

    Awesome, great idea. Trying to upgrade the sound in my car on the low-down.
  14. I recently installed lowering springs on my 77 280Z, the ride height was exactly what I wanted. Later I removed the big factory bumpers and all the hardware and have installed the MSA fiberglass bumpers. with all that weight being gone, I feel like the car is sitting somewhere close to stock levels again. What do you folks think about cut a small portion of the spring for a little additional lowering? At one time I had heard cutting a stock spring was not wise but lowering springs wouldn't be as adversely affected. Appreciate any feedback! Thanks Jay