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  1. I actually got this Z in a field in Montana like I said 150 mile radius it was a 260 mile round trip, I'm located in Northern Idaho near Cour d Alene, Montana has a dryer climate and colder winter I can only assume that is the reason its not very rusty, both my 280s were purchased locally and where in much rougher shape as far as rust goes, only reason I am not abandoning one of the cars i'm currently restoring is that I am not very great with body work, welding in a floor pan or the battery tray dish of the inner fender or something along that nature falls in my skill set, reforming a rear fe
  2. So a couple months back I purchased a pair of 280z's! (I intened to have the best of both worlds, with a close to factory restore and putting a built V8 in the other) So far i've been enjoying the restoration process with both of them, minus the common rust problems and the costs of parts which I'm sure everyone deals with who sets out on this endeavour, So after calling every junk yard within a 150 mile radius and placing adds in local classifieds in the same radius. I located another Z (74 260z) that I intended to use for parts, it was located in a junk yard so I expected it to be in pretty
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