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  1. As you command! It's been a while, to say the least, hehe ehm. So, since last the engine has been dis-/reassembled and paired up- with its RB25 transmission. It's now been fetched from those builing/storing the engine and is now waiting for the car itself to show up. Have some mounts set up, ready for trials as soon as possible. "What, that's it?" - well, yeah. Sorry. I've haven't really lost inspiration or faith in the almighty Z-gods but have been otherwise engaged (not really, but anyway, things are getting back on track). Moving ever so slowly No, it's not going in
  2. Not much to show. Got some Autometer gauges and a headlight bucket...
  3. Picked up some junk that arrived today... Jumping the gun, who, me?
  4. There. Soon to be standing on its own new legs
  5. Swapped rear Skyline arm for one from the S14 to solve clearance issues. Teins were thicker than stock. Grind grind. Weld weld. More tomorrow! edit: beginning of next week.
  6. There we go. Everything's set for cutting/welding tomorrow
  7. Yeah, that's the plan. Still trying to work out wether it's safe to make a mould from another 240z... Whaddayathink? Read that the rear has some issues regarding width, differing between cars. Not sure that's the case with the roof though.
  8. Still waiting for the waterjet-cutter-people to be done with the strut/top mounts. Hopefully done by tomorrow.
  9. BEHOLD! Am actual update. OMG! Sorry about the hiatus, and here's the front suspension New mounts. Sturdy. Put together for this picture (not using the right bolts etc). Looking good Not too shabby. 185's almost keeping inside the lip 235's not doing quite as well. Flares ensue. Not final wheels, just trying on for size. Lots of space left... Trying on another set. 255's.
  10. I really dig the work you do, And got to warn you about the "RUST FREE CALI CARS" LOL

  11. Yeah. That's the plan. No you didn't. Unfortunately. Wish I had more. Can't say when it'll be on the move again, it'd be pure speculation on my behalf. Sorry
  12. Out of curiosity as to what the not-so-good thread title was about. Those with the sought after knowledge/answer to the question might not be as curious
  13. Just a tip: You might get more help if the topic was a little bit more descriptive/gave more info as to what your actual question is/was. From looking at the thread list "Uggg!!!" doesn't really tell me a whole lot.
  14. Huddinge kustoms lost the one and only key to their car-transporter. Waiting for them to get the data box coded to match the new key. Always something that gets in the way :-r The valve/timing belt covers and intake aren't compatible with the powder coating company either. Yey. They claim there's silicone/pollutant in the aluminium that keeps re-appearing when they put the parts in a heated environment (such as when curing the painted parts in an oven). Guess I'll have to go a different route.
  15. No, not one d/l, sorry. http://www.voodoo-people.com/~daz/mull/wmv Still no update. Stuff keep getting in the way, as usual...
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