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  1. marcvd

    Hello from the Netherlands !

    well i share the same rear subframe with the z31 turbo
  2. hello, i have a question, i need new CV axles for my nissan 200sx s12 (1986) the 1.8 turbo engine. after my research i found out that the z31 cv axles should fit on my 200sx, but im not realy sure. I think i have the r200 or r180 diff. so my question where can i get the right axles for my car ? does anyone know a suplier or only store that sells them ? btw i live in the netherlands so international shipping would be handy thank you !
  3. hello, im marc from the netherlands, i own a Nissan 200sx from 1986 i hope i can make my self clear enough with english thank you, marc