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  1. Plans for this summer are: - ZG Wide Fender Flares - Front air dam - BRE Style rear ducktail spoiler - modifying fiberglass to get proper fitment. - Rotiform 3-piece custom wheels 17x9.5 front and 17x11 rear (245s and 275s or 285s respectively) - Coilovers - Stage 4 front brake conversion - Sway bars and other various suspension bits - Freshen up interior and get racing buckets. * Plans after the Summer are: - RB25DET swap - been communicating with Fever Racing in Tampa hoping to buy some of the swap parts needed they fabricate - Upgrade rear diff.
  2. Hey this is John and this is my first post on here. Just picked up a 1981 Datsun 280zx car a couple weeks ago. Like anything like this I purchase, I look it over, document it with pics and notes, seek out resources and do my research. This little 280zx was owned by an ex-coworker I knew and I looked at the car back in August of 2015. At the time I had just picked up something else but wanted to take a look at the 280zx she had for sale and if the price was cheap I'd grab it up. At the time she wanted a lot for it, too much sentimental value I think. Car was her late husband's etc. etc. Anyways I passed. 2 years pass, I decide I want to sell the what I have and start seriously looking for a Datsun Z car. I have a good buddy in Arizona that could find me rust free cars all day and go pick them up. After looking at a few I thought of the 280zx my friend had for sale a couple years ago. I reconnected with her through Facebook and I couldn't believe it she still had it. This time her asking price dropped from $5k down to $3k! Plus the car was only 45 minutes away - closer than Arizona. BTW - she and her husband at the time lived in Arizona and brought this car with them only to find out it's been sitting in the garage ever since they moved to Pennsylvania from out west. Car was never registered here and I bought it with the Arizona title. Needless to say the car is 100% rust free! Long story longer, I looked the car over again, still in pretty much the same condition it was in last time I looked. I'd say the interior is a 7 out of 10. If I detailed it up and got the front seats reupholstered it'd look damn good. The car has had 1 respray in the stock color. Just a few dings here and there not perfect but damn it looks pretty good. Did I mention zero rust...anywhere? The car is 100% stock unmolested. Her husband was a Z freak she says. The engine runs a little rough from sitting. No smoke, smells good. Oil looks great. 2 of the electrical connectors we pulled off the injectors do not create any change in how the engine is running. Probably gummed up. Already purchased 6 new injectors. Other than that everything works. Car also comes with 6 large plastic bins FULL of all the original parts that were replaced or taken off the car after being replaced with new stuff. I even have the original catalytic converter, AC compressor, steriro system, stereo trim plate, on and on and on. Tons of parts. 2 sets of tire changing tools, the original wheels chocks, jack, spare saver and air can wow! So after some back and forth I threw $2400 at her and she said sold. Drove it up onto the trailer and took it home. Anyways overall the car will clean up pretty nicely. Shouldn't take much to get it on the road. I have some pretty big plans for modifying the car but for now I want to enjoy it as is for a bit before I start turning wrenches. Here's a few pics for now, once I get a chance to clean it up and get some better beauty shots I'll post 'em up. Thanks
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