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    WTB Z for my cross-country TRIP!!

    Hey guys just joined I'm flying out to Cali at the end of July and I've been trying to find a Z for quiet a while just hard to find decent one on Long Island. So my friend is moving back from cali and I jumped on the chance to find a rot free Z I'm not to picky on the year just pre 78 because I really like that body style not a fan of the 80s body. The car does not need to have perfect paint or interior my must have is zero rot and a solid drive train to make it back to NY. I have saved about 7k for the car I know that might not seem like much but been busting my ass working 2 jobs and paying off student loans. Ill be starting in san jose working my way to LA then vegas and running the south part of the US. Id really appreciate and leads thanks My cell is 631 521 3767 names justin and thanks again.