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  1. The tail light panel/ rear valance section.
  2. Man that looks legit. Good inspiration right there!
  3. I did get a good front section it's on its way as we speak. Thanks for looking out though. I might need a rear tail light panel and bumper if you have any good ones?
  4. I like how that looks so far. Can't wait to see it when you done.
  5. Thanks again for the link i will check them out too. Just got in touch with a member here and we are currently seeing what we can work out. Thanks again everyone for you input.
  6. Thank you for link. I tried getting ahold of them a while ago, I'll try again .
  7. Will do. To bad there isn't more available collision parts available for these cars anymore. Thanks for the advise.
  8. Trust me I've looked through all the local junk yards. None of them have any z cars.
  9. Hello fellow Z owner's. I'm new to the is forum and the Z community. I recently acquired a 72 240z that looks to have been in a front end collision and someone tried to repair it. So to get to my question does anyone know where I can find a replacement radiator support or know of anyone that has custom fabricated one before? Any help or advise would be appreciated.
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