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  1. ///matt

    Texans, help me out.

    I've searched thoroughly, both here and various google, and I can't a clear answer to my question: I don't live in Texas yet, but plan to soon. What's up with motor swaps in TX? I've got a 72 240 that I want to swap to something other than the L24/28 frankenstein it's got. I see that motor swaps are "legal" in TX, but that they still have to pass "emission inspection" during annuals. I'll be outside the 17 counties that sniff-test. What do I need to do? Is it even a concern? Does my swap have to have all the smog equipment that the CAR originally had, or that the donor MOTOR is expected to have? Help me out, since I'll be real upset if I spend a bunch of money on a swap, get to TX, and can't register the Z. Thanks!
  2. ///matt

    240z part out

    Ht me up about the kickpanel speakers, if both are usable.
  3. Bumping an old thread because I need one too.