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  1. hmm, very interesting info guys. i've made my decision, and im gunna take the dive into the 240z world, as i do love their design and the cars in general. i suppose with enough determination, the sky is the limit by the way, even if the car is my DD, i dont think putting on coilovers or really stiff shocks would really bother me. my past cars have had coilovers and i was fine driving them every day.
  2. I suppose I don't need to have a "competitive" car. I guess what I was looking for was just something that handles good in 2009 standards as opposed to "good" back in 1970. by the way, great vids J. very inspiring
  3. im not looking for an easy track project in a 240z, i know i wouldve been a lot better off investing my money into my mr2 instead. however, I do really like the 240z and I am determined to make it a competitive track car. I just wanted to get an idea of the car's potential.
  4. thanks for the input, guys. im currently browsing your suspension write-up, johnc. it is very helpful indeed. i plan to do a bit more research on an ideal suspension setup, as this car will be a daily driven car, as well as my track car. i want the car to be competitive, but not to the point where i can no longer drive the car to the grocery store...lol
  5. thanks for the feedback guys. ill do a little bit more research and see if this is really something i want to get into. if anyone else has any experience with these products, that would also be very helpful. thank you!
  6. so ive been through a few different cars in the past, and i've actually just recently sold my 93 mr2 turbo. now i am looking into a new project, and i am considering a 240z. handling is a big consideration for me, so i just want to get an idea of the 240z's handling potential. I know these cars aren't too much in the stock form, so i've been looking around and i came across this: http://www.arizonazcar.com/strassy.html I've owned a 93 rx-7 and 2 mr2 turbo's, and these cars have had amazing handling. I know that if I were to spend over 6 grand on suspension mods on either of these cars, they would be insane on the track. I just want to know if spending 6k on this suspension kit would be worth it for a 240z. I am looking into building a track/daily driver. So I guess my question is would spending 6k on this kit be sufficient just to have a decent handling car or would it be a REALLY competitive car. (because the way I look at it is I've already owned plenty of more than "decent handling" cars) Thanks in advance!
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