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  1. Converting the 510 race car to ZX front brakes. Need a 280zx front brake caliper bracket, 79-83 Thanks
  2. Do you have just a front case or entire trans? Which trans?
  3. Need an L series front trans case. Will take entire trans if necessary and priced right. Can pickup in in northeast states. Thanks. Gereed75@yahoo.com
  4. OK, I know I am resurecting an old thread here but I am trying to learn. I am currently running a 510 with a stock 4 speed in vintage racing and sorely need to upgrade the trans. I scored what appears to be a very nice 82 NA five speed. I also picked up an NOS still in the box 32310-58S54 OD gearset. It is definitely 22 x 37. I also got these spreadsheets from another source labelled "83 modified and tested" and "Norm 12 sec mod". Main C/G Ratio 22 31 0.709677419 1 33 14 3.321429 2 27 20 1.902273 3 26 28 1.308442 4 1 1 1 5 22 37 0.837838 The ratios do not match Duraggs for the "83 modified testable" nor the "Norm 12 sec Mod" ..... but the 22/37 set yields a tasty .837 OD!! So now the question is (I guess) does anyone recognize the ratios in this table and what gearsets from where would yield them?? I am beginning to think I should just slap the 82 five into the 510 and take whatever improvement I get - very confused at this point. Great info in these threads by the way, Thanks (The spreadsheets got scrambled going over into the post so I had to just put the info in this table)
  5. OK, I know this is an ancient thread and I know that everyone is supposed to know how to make the overdrive swap to a .864 in a 79-83 NA 280zx trans,.... but that was then this is now. Can't find any of these old threads where this was done routinely by every EP SCCA racer ever.. So sorry, but how is this done>> I have the tranny and I have the 32310-58S54 gearset. What is required to make it happen?? Is it just a matter of pulling the .7xx gearset and installing the .864?? How much dissassembly has to happen??? Thanks
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