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  1. Member TimO came out from Calif. to spend a couple days at my house to help me tune my Tec3r, and we did a few other fix's on the RBz. It runs 1000% better after He did the tune. It's never ran this good since I built it.


    I thought there was something wrong with my ECU, but turns out, it's been me the whole time that didn't know to properly tune a Tec3r. TimO brought his badszz Cannon 35mm and snapped some photos. Hope you like them.


    Should I go back to the red hood and buckets, vs the CF?




    Joel Your car is one of my favorites here on the forum.I really did like it a lot more when it had red buckets. I think u should horde them until someone makes up some s30 carbon fenders. But with the buckets as it looks Kinda currently throws off a little of the sexiness. Beautiful car none the less.

  2. Very sorry to hear about your z. Reminds me of when I crashed my 75 280z turbo when a lady on a phone merged into me on FWY not paying attention. Mine went to Z Heaven . Yours does look very fixable. I stay in upland Ca if u need any parts I just pulled the full front end front a 72 240z that was red. all parts are in great shape . Let me know if u need anything thing I will give u a deal.

  3. My favorite blue Z. Something about the bronze rims works so well with the car. I don't have a color code, this is not my car. This belongs to someone on this forum... can't for the life of me remember who though <_<

    post-22866-073753400 1332831637_thumb.jpg



    Members Name is MEPH

  4. Looking for

    im looking for

    coilovers (Honda, acura, s13, s14)

    15x10 wheels 4 LUG FOR S30

    fender flares

    fender mirrors for s30


    240z rear bumper

    early 260z bumper thats bolts up to280z

    valve cover for s30


    and bre spoiler


    items will need to be shipped if not local to 98201

    please feel free to text me at 425 244 8721





    I have the following

    15x10 wheels 4 LUG FOR S30

    240z rear bumper

    valve cover for s30 (turbo,jdm,Or orginal)

    victory bre spoiler MSA

    and Air dam (but those are costly to ship)


    Pm me if your interested in anything.

  5. Bought my wife a 280zx turbo for Christmas , Tire came off. ruined the fender, I would like a complete Driver side fender rust free. Someone help me out and I'll for sure do the same to u if u have any z part needs as I have tons of parts. Please no junk or anything thing I need to repair. Looking for shipping at a greyhound or something cheap if must be shipped. Attach pics here of What u got.

  6. I think he gave up on Z cars, couldn't find a gem in his price range.


    If he's gonna give up that easily do we want to put up with him around here anyways?



    Really guys he was just on yesterday. We shouldn't be putting him on blast like this not cool. But the Man does gotta understand that a rust free for cheap is rare, and people now a days don't just give away there cars especially on Hybrid. But saying he gave up and all that what not, and if we want him around is just Unnecessary .Why kick him out?He is here because likes the z car just like us. He just doesn't really know what He really wants .But at least we know he wants a Z right B) . I hope he finds what he is looking for . Good luck to u on your search.

  7. I love them, but would prefer the S30 shirt to say Datsun instead of Nissan.


    I was looking on my pc and the only 1 I had was the Nissan one so I used it.

    I want to see a shirt that saw we are driven, or awesome or some other corny catch phrase.



    I was gonna put some sayings on them at 1st but didn't want people to say ,"O I like the shirt just not with that dumb saying on it. :lol:

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