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  1. 12.426 Holley. Same flow 1.5 to 4 psi
  2. All 3 flooding. I have the part 804 fpr. Just curious. What float level do you know of for plastic float set up? Also, float needle sz200 are new and should seal shut once floats reach ball bearing.
  3. The plumbing is attached. FpR comes preset at 2.8psi and a straight forward install. Out to fuel the carbs. The other out is plugged. Fuel line in the "in" ■FPR==gauge ==DCOE==DCOE==DCOE■ The mechanical pump was non functional along with SUs needing rebuilt. I figured doing the above.
  4. Please help if possible... updating my 240z Datsun to electrical pump.. I wired everything in place utilizing existing harness from rear to the wires in front by radio.. Holley fuel regulator 1-4 psi. Im using a oil pressure switch Airtek 0S75 il to activate pump via a relay. All of which is feeding triple webers.my webers have new floats and needle and have been measured for float levels. Cars starts with no problem. I hear a constant light knocking sound of the pump being activated. My problem is my webers are flooding of fuel. I gone through everything and im at a lost. Attach is my diagram for your reference and any assistance is much appreciated. All products utilized are brand new. Could it be that I wired it incorrectly and fuel pump is power constantly. The plastic float are measured from gasket to middle. 12.5mm to the float needle. I do not have fuel return line. Im feeding carbs One after another. Also, being i see plenty of fuel i don't understand why fuel gauge never moves. Shows zero pressure. Maybe its faulty and shouldn't affect fuel flow. Help is appreciated 🙏
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