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  1. I believe I have a late model 74' 260z since a ZX Booster mounts without having to drill new holes. I read a bunch of posts and I recall installations requiring to flip the booster upside down to fit. I did that and now the last 1" of pedal travel (before it hits the brake switch) has a noticeable "stick". It sounds like a thud and feels like the boost and/or rod are getting hung up somewhere. I checked around the linkage and nothing is interfering. The rod to the booster seems to attach to the brake pedal arm easily, but it's hard to tell if it's going in straight. I'm thinking the booster needs to be re-installed in reverse to get better alignment? Or is this behavior normal? All my tests were without the engine on. Is it possible having no vacuum causes this phenomenon?
  2. ninjanick

    New Owner 1974 260z

    I believe so. I can't see any real benefit for the side vents unless you put some ducting behind them?
  3. ninjanick

    New Owner 1974 260z

    I've always liked the classic look of the z and now I am the proud owner of my first z! It's a 1974 260z. The previous owner didn't know much about it's origin, but I figure the community is probably small enough and the body kit is unique enough that someone may know more. Here are a few pics of it on the trailer back home.