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  1. I’m looking for any info on upgrading rear driveline. I dig race my zxt 2+2 and have started breaking hub axles and axle shafts. I know whitehead has billet pieces That they value higher than my whole car. Any other vendors out there with upgraded hub and axle options? Check out my build on ig: @masterofmachines
  2. Looking for one or more stock L28et pistons. Need ASAP.
  3. I upped my dead times and that seemed to help a lot. I’m still finding odd stuff though. For example, I had to jack up my cranking fuel significantly to get the car to start well, like 80%. I probably need to adjust DT’s more. Just seems unusual that I’d have to change so much of the tune just to go sequential with all the same components.
  4. I just installed the DIYautotune trigger disc in my l28et and got everything set up for sequential. I was driving my injectors off the main board in a "batch fire" configuration previously and had a pretty solid tune on it. After wiring injectors to the ms3x board engine is extremely lean at idle on the same VE map as before. I had to bump up VE to 90% to make it idle at a happy AFR! What could cause this to be so different? Is it possible that the injectors are firing out of sequence? Engine seems smooth once I added enough fuel, & I have confirmed my base timing is correct. tuner studio
  5. It finally happened. I snapped a hub/stub shaft in my 83 zxt 2+2. I need to find replacement ASAP. Can anyone tell me if the hub in the turbo 2+2 is same or different from any other zx hub? I know the cv axles differ from some zx’s to another but not sure which ones, or if the hubs are different too.
  6. Just an update for those following, my Zx has just run an 1/8 mile pass of 7.68 @ 89 mph. Still stock bottom, still jatco 3 speed. Check out my latest vlog for more details.
  7. Sorry for late reply. Best 60’ is 1.66.
  8. Need LR control arm and caliper bracket for 83 280zxt 2+2
  9. I’ve embarked on the challenge of making a 280zxt into a drag car (naturally it’s a budget build). Its been in progress for over a year now and best 1/4 is 12.60 and best 1/8 is 7.90. It’s ms3 diy from diyautotune.com, Schneider cam, arp head studs, cometic mls head gasket, but otherwise stock engine. It’s been stock airesearch t03 turbo, but turbo is now being built by Forced Performance to get us past that 14psi mark. It’s the factory 3 speed jatco auto trans with modified valve body and converter restalled to 4K rpms by ptc in Kennedale tx. Stock R200 diff and axles, with 7” wide Phoenix sl
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