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  1. Gave the Z a good wash yesterday and snapped this picture on my way home. I'm very pleased with this car
  2. Funny you say that, I have some spray tint waiting for a warmer day...
  3. Got my headlight covers mocked up, really makes the front of this car change dramatically!
  4. Okay so after getting some stuff done to my other car, I'm gonna put some focus towards the ol Z again. I have a few things ordered for the car right now that I'm waiting on. I bought a new airdam, headlight covers, and some side skirt splitters that I'm going to try and see if I can make them fit. From the measuring I've done it looks like they'll be a near perfect fit so I'm thinking I'll be okay. Ive lowered the car a little bit more since the last time I posted here so I'll attach some pictures. When the new parts come in I'll post them up here and some before/after pictures as well.
  5. Thank you for the advice and compliments! Okay awesome thank you for the positivity. I've been wanting to do this to my Z for several years now so I'm so excited to get it on its feet and give it some love. Yeah I'm in Morristown, I'm in and around Knoxville about once a month or so we could meet up at a cars and coffee sometime or something!
  6. Hello Z lovers, I have owned my ZX for about 4 years and only ever did maintenance to it just to keep it all up to date (still not finished though). I've always been a huge fan of Japanese shakotan cars and I noticed an abundance of S30 Z's in this culture, but very few S130's. I guess this sparked a fire inside me to build a fine example of a shakotan 280zx, and so now 4 years later, this is where I stand! My plans for this car are simple, I will lower the car via coilovers as soon as I have the money to do so. I'm going to do an s13 coilover conversion in the rear, and buy technotoy coilovers for the front to save time and hassle. To any of you who know about shakotan style, you know there are 3 main things that are involved: 1. It usually involves older Japanese coupes/sedans and the car has to sit VERY low to the ground. 2. The car has to sport very aggressive wheels that are usually 16" or smaller 3: the car has to show a little slice of your personality through the modifications of your choice. So the first picture is how I got the car. Bone stock, 108,000 original documented miles. 5 speed, slick top, leather interior. The first thing I did, is I removed all 4 struts from the car to prepare the springs to be cut for temporary low. I don't have any pictures of this, but I do how pictures of how the car sits afterwards. I then bought some wheels. The wheels I chose measure 15x10.5 -32 on all four corners. These are some beefy wheels, exactly what I was looking for! As I was installing them, I realized the center bore was much too small for the wheels to fit in the front, along with the actual inner barrel of the wheel contacting the strut. My quick fix is to buy some of the smallest bolt on spacers I can find until I want to replace the lug studs with longer units and buy slide on spacers. The smallest ones I could find that were all the correct sizes were 1.25in wide. I will come back and post a full parts list and build sheet soon, for now, here's a couple pictures of how the car looks as of today!
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