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  1. Send or post pics of chassis all rust plz contact me 479 799 9689

  2. So between the 260 and the 280 which would you guys prefer?
  3. I really want to do the LT1 280zx swap but i don't know how much it will cost. I'm starting to think selling my 280zx and buying a different Z is the better choice here. Let me know what Z will be the the cheapest and most direct V8 Z swap. I want it to be a LS1 z but what Z? Please let me know.
  4. I"m thinking about putting a turbo diesel in my 79 280zx. Has anybody done this?
  5. I would like to spend under $1300 for a complete with under 100,000 miles.
  6. I have been searching for a LT1 and all the prices seem outrageous. Where can I find one for pretty cheap in good shape wit harnesses?
  7. I have decided on putting a LT1 into my '79 280zx. I need some help to shed light on what JTR has for this swap. I have been searching around on this site for a week or so now and am getting pretty confused on whats out there for this project. If you could please help me out here it would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Hahaha no. My friend just bought some land and were going to start clearing it out and doing local rallys on it.
  9. I want to start rally racing my 280zx. Does anyone know if this conversion is possible?
  10. I just bought a 79 280zx and want to do a swap. I know all the specs on ls1s and lt1s but what will fit better in the bay?
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