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  1. Ok need to revisit this. Is there any way a bad or week battery could cause the ignition and fuel pump to stay on after key is off and out? From the sound of it it looks like this may be the case with my 78'
  2. Wow! Chris Pike, blast from the past

  3. brickit


    I'll buy that, may be hard to swallow but will buy that. Triples are cool just have hesitation problem im working through and you guys know all about that "power bug". Thanks so much for your input.
  4. brickit


    I have a 78 with triple webers, header, MSA stage III cam, flat top pistons and would like to know what kind of horse power could I still get from putting a turbo on my car. I run premium gas with about 10.2 to 1 compression now. I know im towards the top with the compression now and want to run pump gas.
  5. I will find out what I can and get back to this thread, thanks for the help.
  6. Ok put new ignition switch in and same thing. disconnect ignition switch no change. I unplug and plug in again alt. and get a slight sound change but all stays on. Brake lights work but not bright, headlights not at all. Sorry not good with multi meter.
  7. I had to disconnect the battery and then connect it back. I am replacing the ignition modual electrical portion.
  8. 78 wont start, turn the key and dash lights up and nothing then turn key off and dash still lit up and fuel pump still running. unplugged alternator for possible feedback and no change so maybe ignition switch. ???
  9. I have a tipple weber setup with an MSA stage III cam, header,2.5 inch exhaust and have hesitation on take off or just giving it gas at any rpm. I had 40's but the guts are now 45's. Is that something that is inherent with those carbs that I have to live with or can it be adjusted out?
  10. Has anyone built a screen of sorts to keep rain water from dripping through hood vent on center carb on a 78' with a three carb set up?
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