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  1. NoClassic

    Rally Suspension

    Do things generally end up like this around here? A bit discouraging for a first time time poster.
  2. NoClassic

    Rally Suspension

    Thanks so much for that information HS30-H. I had not expected to have a single template to work from, just wanted to get some idea of what the teams were doing back then.
  3. NoClassic

    Rally Suspension

    Thanks for the additional response. I think we want to fall somewhere in the middle of just looking the part and and a competition rally car. Maybe something that could be driven in the SCCA rallycross events but does not have to be competitive. I agree the tire is a great place to start. That is generally the approach we have taken with suspension on a couple other builds. I am just in the initial stages of this so keeping my mind open to options. I had a short conversation with T3 and they have done a rally setup using bilstein cartridges for a client in the UK. Also stated their existing arms offered enough adjustment to account for camber with the lift. Sent Carl an email regarding info on what the factory cars may have been using.
  4. NoClassic

    Rally Suspension

    Thanks for the info guys. We are trying to keep it pretty conservative as in all likelyhood the car will spend a majority of its time on the street. I am however still interested in hearing about all levels of rally oriented suspension setup.
  5. NoClassic

    Rally Suspension

    Yes I did post the same thread over on the classicZ forum. The thread is still up but I did not have much of a response so thought I would try here. Please post anything you have.
  6. NoClassic

    Rally Suspension

    Thanks for the link. Unfortunately not much technical info there.
  7. We just recently picked up a clean 260 chassis and plan to do a V8 rally/safari inspired build. The car will primarily be used for street driving but it would be nice if the suspension was capable of spirited (within reason) offroad work. I have been doing a bunch of research but have been unable to find any solid information regarding lifted/increased travel setups for these cars. I was thinking replicating what was on some of the period cars would be cool. Open to any available information at this point.