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  1. Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, I can’t translate the diagrams to a practical connection not using the the stock wiper stalk. I was hoping someone knew which wire does what. I had it working at one point but did some rewiring.
  2. I want to wire up the stock wiper motor using toggle switch. Does someone have a wiring diagram for this. I would be happy with low speed only. Don't care about park. I have searched high and low for a diagram.
  3. do you still have ld engine for sale ?

  4. I was looking at the very nice thread " step by step instruction for coil over conversion" . 2014 It looks like the Bilstein P30-0032 shocks are no longer available. Does some have have an updated part number ? Should I look at a vendor instead ? I don't mind cutting and welding. I did a lot of searching but most of the info is pretty dated.
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