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  1. Removed her from her final resting spot for good yesterday, Started tearing out unnecessary items and going through what needs to be replaced/ cleaning up dirt and leaves to see what I got myself into. I noted the coolant sitting in the car all these years corroded most of the cooling system components and all will need to be replaced.
  2. Pleased to find that the engine has been swapped out for a L28 with an N42 head. I’ve decided I’ll be building this motor now.
  3. I keep going back and forth on what I want to do for my 240z build. After you acquire the engine, transmission, wiring harness. How much are you looking at cost wise to get it going?
  4. Thanks! Maybe I’ll find a L28 or L28et for it later on. Probably going to just get it started for now on the L24 if it’s super easy.
  5. Hey all, just about to start digging into my 240z so this will be the start of my build thread. Might take some time but feel free to follow along as I go. Anyways it’s a 1971 240z which appears to all be there minus the steering wheel. The car has lived its life in California and has been sitting under a tree since 2002. There’s some minor rust spots on the back hatch but otherwise seems to be pretty solid. Has the original L24 but I may end up swapping it out for something different, SR20det, RB25det, 1Jz, LS. Not sure yet. Going for a track car look mostly just for fun. There’s a lot of fun canyons here in Southern California I enjoy driving and I really want to build the car as a fun toy I can hold on to forever. Attached are the starting pictures. I’ll try and update as much as I can.
  6. Tires are semi new used.. still has the original L24 but may be planning a engine swap still undecided. Planning to build it into more towards a track car style for a fun weekend car. May do some things that upset others but hey, my build
  7. Hey everyone, I’m about to start digging into my 1971 240z, it was sitting in my uncles back yard here in San Diego CA since 2002. I’ll be doing a build thread if anyone wants to follow along! I have past experience working on a 1982 280zx but I’ve always wanted a 240z. Anyways I’m happy to be back at it! Thanks.
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