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  1. i am getting ready to do a vg33er swap into my z31 i know i will need the ecu but will i need the engine bay harness too? i feel stupid asking cause im pretty sure you do it only makes sense but every write up ive seen says nothing about the harness or the ecu for that matter
  2. i need to get a rebuild kit for my 87 5 speed according to the website in 87 there was either a one piece second syncro or a multi-piece syncro. does anyone know how i could find this out or does anyone already know when they changed it? my car was manufactured in 4/87 thank you very much
  3. a pilot bushing. i forgot to get one and my transmission howls on downshifts
  4. ive been hearing that the heads and maybe a couple other things are interchangeable from the vg33er and the vg30e is this true? if so could i swap the intake and put the supercharger on?
  5. yes it does thank you very much
  6. i was on z31parts.com and they suggested using 86-88 rx7 injectors for their performance fuel rail. would i have to modify anything or would they just fit on fine?
  7. i would check the wires cap and rotor and plugs.
  8. yeah thats true i guess it never hurts
  9. i am in surprise. im not sure waht to do about. the car runs fine but i have like an ocd thing that makes me really want to make that work
  10. oh and it also did it right after i changed the oil. it was full i know that too and it wasnt overfull and still is not
  11. ok i made a mistake in my first post. it stays between 30 and 60 going down the road but whenever i put my foot into the throttle at all it drops significantly. and yes the level is good it does not burn any oil either so should i try replacing the gauge? i replaced the sending unit about 3 months ago
  12. WHen at idle my car shows normal oil pressure but when the engine is reved it drops all the way down to 0. but then when i get up at speed and hold it constant speed it goes up to almost 90 i replaced the sending unit and replaced the oil filter and the oil about 2k miles ago but it has been doing it since before i did that what could be wrong
  13. fine dont talk ass

  14. i was just making sure i wasn't retarded or something
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