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  1. I really appreciate your offer Larry, and I apologize for not putting it in the ad that I was hoping to find them semi-locally as my budget isn't the biggest. That E88 would be Ideal if its complete. If you can find someone willing to ship it for $100 I'd pay it. As an aside, I believe the Minimum thickness is 4.235, and my frankenstein E31 measured in at 4.164 at the front and 4.180 in the rear so it's pretty bad haha.
  2. My E31 was seemingly machined by a one eyed chimpanzee and was cut too thin in the rear and below minimum thickness, as well as having a substantial crack in it, which is filling my cylinders with coolant. I' Badly in need of a new head. Located in Carlsbad/San Marcos area, Southern California. Any help or advice is much appreciated. Thank you very much!
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