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  1. Micheal: I have coilovers yes. The type where you remove the original strut tube and weld on a new threaded body, which is what I assume you mean by coilover mod. I cannot recall the spring diameter off the top of my head but it is definitely smaller then stock springs. With my current setup, 16x8 0 offset with 225/50 I did have to roll my rear fenders to prevent rubbing. That conversation started to take an interesting turn... I do love the classic livery's on those old race rigs from that article you linked. I had already ordered a set of flares, so when they get here It sounds like I am just going to have to take plenty of time to play around during mock up and see how I want to proceed from there.
  2. Micheal: A well articulated set of consideration points. I like to think I have done my rounds on the rest of the cars components, which is why I land here asking about wheels and tires, which to me is essentially the last major component that I would like to "fully upgrade" so to say. I personally do not like the look of 17" coupled with zg flares compared to smaller diameter wheels. But I am jealous of the tire selection. Also from what I have seen, if I did go 17 I would be pushed towards doing that 5 lug conversion as well for favorable wheel selection, which I have not worked into the budget...yet. JMortenson: I actually did not know that about the original ZGs. I do not believe I will be going so far as to go hella flush, I would like to maintain functionality. I assumed proper placement, proper trimming of the fenders (hurts to say that after all that paint work) would offer enough room to at least prevent rubbing for the majority of the suspension travel? Aydinz71: Ill start pumping some iron. I think it is one of those things that I will have to feel for myself to actually appreciate.
  3. WalkerBK: I will have to look into those. A quick search I see maybe a couple different variants of their indy 500. I'll check out what sizes those come in as well. JHM: I would like to autocross at some point, but if I am being honest with myself I doubt I will ever try to be competitive or make this my dedicated track car. So essentially the occasional spirited driving would be most accurate. 50/50 between aesthetics and raw performance. Drivetrain: Smallblock 350 with some mild work done (cams, carb, intake, porting, slight bore etc), T5 trans, 3.7:1 diff with LSD, 300zxt cv shafts Suspension: Stance coilovers, 6k springs all around, TTT front control arms/tension rods, polyurethane bushings all around. Brakes: Front-toyota calipers, vented, Rear-mustang caliper, vented AydinZ71: I appreciate the input. I do see the potential negatives of running too wide and the impacts that would. Never having been any wider or stickier then I currently am though makes it hard to fully judge the significant of those impacts for me personally. As for turning difficulty, Its also one of those things where I tell myself it will be fine, just like how I said I would be fine without AC in the summer... That is a good point though, I cannot really recall the last time I experienced under steer. Staggered might open up some tire options for me up front at least.
  4. Hello, I am trying to decide on a wheel and tire setup for my 280z now that I have decided to do flares (2" front 3" rear zg style). I was originally going for either work equip 03 or meister cr01 in 15x10 or 16x10 respectively (talked myself into spending more then I should this time around). The issue I am running into is tire selection for those widths. I would prefer to avoid stretching tires if possible. The widest tire that I can find (that are not slicks or drag radials and with an acceptable aspect ratio) are the toyo r888r 255/50r16. What is your experience with how 255 are mounted when on 10" wide wheels? Purple z attached is the type of fit I would like. From what I read he is running 15x10 all around. Fronts look like r888r but I don't know the rear tires? Blue is how my car sits now on 16x8 225/50. Essentially I would like to widen what I have, maintaining a little meat on the sidewalls. Apart from the technical aspects I am also open to any and all opinions, from different wheels to wheel sizes, tires, colors etc. The more Ideas spit balled the better. purplez.webp
  5. Hello, I've had good luck with getting s30 parts so I thought I'd try for some z32 parts. Car is a 92 N/a I'm looking for the following -glove box assembly (tan) -power steering reservoir cap - center cubby and/ or whole center vent bezel -t-top lever bezel (tan) -maybe front bumper if you are local and have one for cheap? Hope I can post this here. Also any suggestions for websites that deal in used parts. I found a few but not with the parts I need (or at least not costing an arm and a leg) Thanks
  6. Hey guys, located in the Vancouver Portland area. Looking to buy a set of exterior taillight panels and the chrome bezels. Doesn't need to be perfect condition. I would rather have a rough set that can be refurbished then pay top dollars for a pristine set. Thanks for looking
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