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  1. Thanks Hoob, when all else fails, i may try that. testing in something less critical of course.
  2. EEYYYYY. I got the exhaust manifold off last night. I feel like i went through half a can of PB Blaster to ensure we didnt get more broken bolts. Unfortunately, there are two in the head itself. Hopefully i can get those out with another half can of PB and some left handed drills. So my plan as of now is to do as suggested. Check compression and chair wear. if all seems good i'll replace the needed gaskets on that side of the engine and put it back together. I'd be surprised if i had it running by the Canby meet. I dont have much time to work on it unfortunately.
  3. What about the timing chain? Good idea to replace that as well? I talked with the guy from my work. He wasn't sure when it was last built. But it sounded like one of the previous owners races, or used to race, Z cars and the motor might have been rebuilt by him. It was like 2rd or 3th hand knowledge coming from him. He suggested pulling the head off of the block with it still in the car and checking for wear. Any other thoughts?
  4. As I was working on my new to me Z over the weekend, I ended up taking the intake manifold off in order to drill/mill the bolt that is broken in it that attaches the carbs. I decided while I’m at it, it’s an easy and cheap task to replace the intake/exhaust gasket and get new studs/bolts that go into the head. Unfortunately the head itself has what looks like 2 (now 3) broken studs inside of it, and the exhaust manifold is stuck on. To help get the exhaust manifold off and make sure all of the thread in the head itself are clear, I have been considering pulling the engine out. Then one thing leads to another and I start thinking maybe I should just replace all the gaskets, down the rabbit hole we go, i thought maybe I better just do the rings and bearings too. But, I thought I’d check the forums for opinions. I hate to spend the extra money and time to do a full tear down if it was just done 5k miles ago. I was told when i bought the car the the engine was the best part of the car. Should I just treat it as if it has 200k+ miles and do a full rebuild? I work with the guy i bought it from, so i'm going to ask him today if he has any idea the last time a rebuild was done. But, it's likely he doesn't know. The car itself hasn't been on the road without the help of a trailer since 05'. What do you guys think? Rebuild, or nah? Don't say swap, I'll be doing one eventually. But, i'll only swap for something more modern than an L series and i don't currently have the funds for it.
  5. Well, i feel dumb... I got an e-mail that looked like and automatic response from paypal and wrote it off as nothing. Turns out it was actually a message from John, w/tracking information. He shipped the rails last Wednesday... two days after i placed the order and they should be here today.
  6. So, wait it out, they will come? is what you're saying?
  7. First HybridZ post here. Loving my new project car... But, I ordered Bad Dog frame rails for my new to me 240z last monday. I got a notification that payment had been received by John through paypal. I sent an e-mail last friday asking for an update. But, have yet to hear any response. Does anyone know if they are in fact still making parts, or anything? Should i cancel my order and just use the rails that are going to come with my floor pan kit? Long term i plan to make 300+HP at the wheels. A friend of mine told me that if i plan on that much power i should go with that BadDog rails for increased rigidity in the frame. I've uploaded a couple of photos from before loading it on the trailer and getting it home for a quick cleaning.
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