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  1. Thanks ^-^ Hopefully this is in the right subforum or w.e it's called lol Going to try to weld new studs in today lol
  2. So I bought a 1977 280z 2+2 last Wednesday. Just got it home yesterday because I had a wheel fall off on the highway. Lug were torqued so I assumed the noise was a wheel bearing and ignored it. So I'm now on a parts hunt. Thezstore and Z1 so far have been useless or crazy expensive. I'll just list them. (Yes I've looked, I've been doing research with no luck since the wreck on Thursday morning) Things I can't find or not sure on: Hub assembly takes priority right now. Brake lines, specifically to replace the ridiculous front hardlines. Manual steering rack Things I can find but still open to suggestions: Lower control arms. PR is new, need DR and both fronts. Longer wheel studs 12x1.25 Things I haven't looked for yet: Floor pan replacement, someone did a fiberglass repair? It's weird. Frame rails are smashed from people using them as jack points. Rear disk brake conversion I'm sure I'm forgetting more I'll post with updates. Thanks in advance for the help, I really need to get the car driving soon again.
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