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  1. Hello fellas, so i was able to put the fuel float level to specs. So i have synced the carbs, how ever one of my carbs i think is bad. On the same carb reads 4 then 5. any guess what’s the problem? next is im thinking of rebuilding the sk carburetors. I have an sk 45mm. I think it’s Chokeless. Which kit should i buy? found this link http://lupinusflower.ocnk.net/product/20 Thank you.
  2. This is what i’ll adjust right? What is clockwise and counter clock wise?
  3. Leon, you got me lost starting removing float covers. how ever i use this oer sight tool. I placed the in specs with sk/oer of 29-31. I noticed my exhaust burning my eyes afterwards, and my engine temps getting higher and now my engine overheating. So i might have to revert back.
  4. So i got the fuel level sight tool pipette. Whats the steps or process to make? Do i have to start the engine or i can just put it on ignition.?
  5. Cool, Once I receive the jets and tool. I’ll update you guys.. thanks Leon, Ryan And Joe king. Very informative. I may have to reach to you all in a week. What do you guys recommend for wideband? Im still checking my Afrs via tail pipe. Is there a kit I can purchase?
  6. Im going to get more info about that when i get home.. btw, where can I buy a float tool or the optical fuel gauge seen kn kieths guide?
  7. Leon my afr during idle bounces from 13.5-14 attached is my idle jet, it says 50/100. ill try to read the white paper and get more info.. i think they are weber jets.
  8. Hello folks, I searched and there is really not much info in regards with these carbs. i picked up a set of these carbs. Installed the triple and tuned. Here is current setup. E88 l28 N42 Cams triple sk carbs 45 170 air 130 main f9 50 idle jet 45 accelerator pump jet The problem is im running rich during cruising, yet in wot my afr is good and when leaning of coarse it's fine. I believe only when cruising, in which my afr is like 10.5-11. The car feels good, but it just im like i need to gas up everytime. Do you guys know or any tips i can solve this problem?
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