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  1. Hey guys, I'm going to finally spray my engine bay and I'm ready to run new brake lines. I dug out the old junk from the pile and found that this system (I did not strip car) has 2 "switches" in it. Neither of these blocks have wiring so as far as I can tell there is no brake warning for the dash. I'm running all new lines from the MC, and need to decide what to use. Below are pics of the units, the one with no markings was first in line from mc to wheels. I will be installing a proportioning valve on the rear line but do I need to maintain these blocks? I'd prefer to not, I'd Sooner just run a pair of T's for front and rear and call it good. Does the one with the 2 F's do something to the front brakes wheel to wheel? Like a left/right balance.... Thanks guys
  2. Hey guys, I've recently re done the front end of my 71 240z she had some good rust in there. I've triple measured before welding the TC rod brackets back on and did my best to ensure everything is as square as possible in terms of cross member and such. Ive been browsing around adjustable front control arms and TC rods. What's everyone's opinion on the home brew route? I like the technotoy tuning stuff but im not building a track car and don't really care about the "bling" value of em at this time. My goal is to have small adjustability to dial out any imperfections in the fabrication phase during alignment. Ive done lots of fab work with rod ends on my truck making a 3 link and all the steering etc so its not new to me the limitations and function of rod ends. Ive attached a couple pictures of ideas I seen online. I like the bung in the end idea especially since they wont see a lot of side loading. Any thoughts or pictures of other home made lower arms? On the TC rod side, I want to put a heim on the end to not have the fear of a snapped rod with poly bushings but making the little adapter bracket and the mucking around to thread the rod. Maybe they are just easier to purchase.... Opinions? on the rods is it best to thread the stock rod and add a turnbuckle. If I want to add a heim to it seems like a bit of screwing around to work out length etc. thanks in advance
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