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  1. Sorry for the delayed response, after having zero interest for weeks, I didn't bother checking back here. Car sold some time ago. Sorry about the accident! Scares the crap out of me how badly people drive these days. I feel safer with my Porsche's on the track than on the street.
  2. Hey people, selling my V8Z. Just as an FYI, my join date shows July of '18, but I was a supporting member from way back in the day. Back then, when we were voting on a tag line, we came up with "Engineered to be Feared" and I bought one of the T-shirts we had made. Thought the old timers might get a kick out of it, so I added a pic of it. It's a little ratty at this point, but a bit of memorabilia. I bought this Z to turn it into a track car, but a car on my bucket list came up for sale and I bought it. Unfortunately, I can't keep both as I also have a 3rd fun car. Hard to justify having 3 fun cars when I have kids college fund to build up. This is a rust free California car with 383 stroker V8 swap and Borg Warner 5 speed transmission and ZEX nitrous system. It had been sitting in the back of the owners shop for a few years and needed to be gone through. But it has had a ton of money/work put into it. It has a welded in 4pt roll bar, Recaro power seats, 5pt harnesses, 11 different gauges, adjustable coil over suspension, bump steer spacers, disc brakes all around, R200 limited slip differential, strut tower braces, fuel cell, electric fuel pump, full dual exhaust, and roller thumper cam, (sounds glorious). It has a serpentine belt system and AC. I may be missing some mods, but you get the idea. It had been built as a show car back in the day according to the PO. It is NOT a show car by my standards, I call it a 5 footer. Looks perfect from 5ft away. Has a custom paint job, but there is some cracking here and there. Interior is decent, but needs some fluff and buff if your looking for a cool Cars & Coffee rig. I have replaced the oil, oil pan, coolant, radiator, oil/air filters, plugs, wires, installed rebuilt calipers all around, new front drilled rotors, and brand new sticky Yokohama's all around. It had some old school hot rod 2pc valve covers that are worth some $, I replaced with lighter ones and new gaskets. It fires right up and drives well, there is a hole in one of the headers that I just patched till I got around to replacing them, there is a lifter ticking (new set $68). PO said it made 500hp, I think that was including the NOS as it has iron heads. So I have been going through it, cleaning things up, and replacing key items, carpet in front is good, rear deck carpet needs replaced and other cosmetic things to address. All in all, you could go show build or track monster. If you are looking at these you know the prices have jumped big time for 240's. This one is far from original, but putting an original engine/trans back in would be a weekend job, if that is your thing. So I did not do this build myself, (my first V8Z Swap was a Ford 302) but I'll answer your questions as I can. The front brakes are the 4 piston Toyota conversion, the rear are from an 80's vette, all new with braided lines. It has adjustable coil overs, but the shocks are not adjustable. I don't know the make/valving as I have not pulled them. Does not have camber plates, but does have heim joint strut bars front and rear. If I kept it, I would rebuild the carb, it's a holly 4bbl sitting on a single plane intake, which works well with a stroker motor. I did a compression check and all the cylinders are around 155 psi. I'm asking $20,000 for it. Located In Columbus, Ohio. Thanks for reading this far, on to the pic's! For those who are serious, I can send specific pic's, running vids, etc. Don't know how much I'll be able to post here.
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