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  1. so I phased the dizzy and it starts right up and I can keep it running but I have to give it throttle so I'm pretty sure its getting power during crank as well . he is my current tune. CurrentTune.msq and I will definitely keep you in mind for that remote tuning thanks so much
  2. Well I never got it running so I was just gonna start from scratch. And thanks for the advice I loaded the firmware and now I have all the options and I put the ignition options in and wasn’t too sure about the fuel I’m running stock l28et injectors he’s a pic of the setting I put it on. I did all that and it started up for like 2 secs but did not idle. I still have to phase the dizzy would that do it?? Thanks for everything
  3. Thanks for all the info I’m gonna load the latest firmware in a bit I have 3.0.2 I believe. I’m pretty sure I have the disc the right way but I will double check. And I do need to phase it. But my ignition dialog box on tunerstudio does not have all those options and looks way different here’s some pics of them.
  4. Hello I just finished building a ms2 3.0 ecu for the first time and I’m trying to get my 260z l28et swap going I have the injectors firing and all sensors working. I’m getting spark but not consistent. I’m thinking the settings in tunerstudio are not right. I have the diyautotune trigger disc. In the l28et dizzy using a stock 260z coil. I have ignition input capture set on falling edge. I wasn’t too sure about cranking trigger but it’s set to calculated. Coil charging scheme at standard coil charge and spark output on going high(inverted) The trigger offset is set at 345 degrees as instructed on the install guide. Skip pulses is set to 3 also not sure if that’s right. The trigger wheel teeth is set to 12 and 1 missing teeth. Also don’t know if I need to skip teeth or delay but both set to 0. Any input will help thanks.
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