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  1. Well, figured it out. On a while Im at it moment. My car had the 79 dist. and coil and the 77 ballast resistor. While I was trying to fix it I saw all the "add 79 dizzy etc. and they all said remove ballast, go full 12v. So I did. When I put another e12-80 on and it fired up, for a split second it sounded good, then backfiring, smoke, etc. Couldn't figure it out. Then I checked the voltage at the coil , not running 11.88 when runnnig 13.8v, oops too many volts. Put resistor back on and back in business.
  2. Thanks to both of you for the replies. And really thanks madkaw, that was it, disconnected the vacuum advance and night and day. 10 degrees so far seems good. Will road test next week. Thanks again guys. !
  3. It has the stock turbo. I'll check when I get home. thanks
  4. I have a 72 240z I've had about 10 years. The interior was swapped with a 77 and ecu and ignition is 77 except for a 79 NA distributor on an 81 Turbo motor. A couple years ago the e12-80 died and I ordered a new dist. from rockauto when they were cheap. The dist. didn't work and I kept second guessing myself. Got a new $25 china e12-80 a few weeks ago, put it on my old dist. and it fired right up. Drained the fuel and put in new fuel and oil change. Running a bit rich, will try and take it out tonight. What would you time this at 10 or 20 btdc or ??? Thanks Chris
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