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  1. Canadian240z

    New member CA 73 imsa widebody project

    Got some of the rear fiberglassing done and putting it away for winter .
  2. Canadian240z

    New member CA 73 imsa widebody project

    Yeah I posted it for sale . Only because there is another one that is much more . What I'm looking for. A 70 . One owner . All orig . Been sitting for 12 years
  3. Hey guys . New member . But not new to the site . I have been following this site since I was 16 and owned a 75 280z up here in Canada . It was my daily and I sold it . Near rust free and saftied for 3,500 bucks . Over the next years they have jumped in value and I've been kicking myself ever since So this year. I was just browsing and found a hand full of z parts for sale with a rusted out shell . (69 production 240z) . Number 142 . So I bought it because it was priced right and I thought it would look good in the field. This started an itch that I been now scratching Next just a few weeks ago I bought a 73 rolling chasis . With that someone had welded in New floors . Rails . And a hand full of other goodies .. With imsa quarters tied in and done well . My plan for a z has changed and I want to complete the time period imsa race car. Because ... racecar . Here are some pics of the shell I been working on and donor car