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  1. Thank you chelle, I had been experiencing challenges signing in, hopefully this is resolved. Hope to hear back, thanks for your help.
  2. Hi SpeedRacer, I would like to make contact with you regarding my research on the 250 GTO replica body kits.


    Look forward to hearing back.


    please email me...


    mike at autosportcanada dot com




    1. SpeedRacer


      Hi Mike,

      Sorry but your email is not working. 

      What information about Ferrari 250 GTO replicas can I help you with?

      Dick Goodman

    2. rockford


      Hello Dick, I have been having trouble signing in to the forum, every time I enter my password it is rejected? Each subsequent time I reset the password... same thing happens.


      I have sent an email to the forum admin but haven't heard back yet.


      I did receive this message from you, hopefully you will receive my response.


      Thanks for getting back, I'm looking to purchase a 250 GTO, either a complete car or kit, I would prefer a completed car or a project that has stalled. 


      I have read all 52 pages of the forum, your input is knowledgable and appreciated by the group so I thought I would try reaching out.


      i also had a reply from Michelle but I'm not sure she has received my response, she indicated she might be aware of a couple Canadian projects and would get back. Perhaps she has tried but no luck yet.


      there was a fellow who was quite active some time ago from Saskatchewan , he went by Con Brio, unfortunately he stopped posting in 2010, not sure if he is still around?


      Anyway I hope to hear back, my main email ( mike at autosport canada dot com) should be working, either way thanks again for any feedback you are able to provide.




  3. Thanks Lee for taking the time to respond, I will follow up with you shortly.
  4. Hello All, greetings from Ontario, Canada. I have spent the last couple of hours reading various posts on the 250 GTO Owners forum, and I must say it is quite impressive. I recently returned from Monza, Italy where myself and a few friends attended the Formula 1 race. We then traveled down to Maranello to visit the Ferrari factory and museums. If any of you have been you know the outstanding display of Ferrari's available, among them the beautiful 250 GTO. I'm looking for a new project to undertake, a few years ago I did a McLaren F1 LM replica a
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