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  1. Had never heard of these guys, unfortunately the nearest shops are 3 hours away. Totally willing to make that drive, but wouldn't be possible until summer when work slows down. but will definitely keep them in mind. Eighteen years though, that's impressive. which actually leads me to another question, which deviates from this topic slightly and I do apologize for that, how difficult is it for people to keep these cars up over the years? I only ask because this is my dream car and something i want to keep alive for as long as possible.
  2. Hey guys, new here, should have joined up a lot sooner and that's on me, but I need help. I've been restoring a 240z for the past 3 years and i'm close to getting it up and running. Today I realized that the tank needs to be cleaned, but it has some rust. So worse case scenario i'm looking for a decently prices tank. I saw pro alloy, but it's a bit out of price range at the moment. I also saw Dorman, but they don't seem to sell one that fits the car. So I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Really looking for something that'll fit right in with with all of the fittings in th
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