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  1. Hey everyone, Trying to figure out whether or not I should buy a 1971 240z off of a neighbor. I don't know much about the cars but really dig the style. The car seems to be in pretty good condition as for body and rust, though the interior needs some cleaning up. Runs but definitely needs some work to be road worthy. The owner and the previous owner have screwed with the electrical system so blinkers and headlights don't work. The engine will run but when he started it up the engine started to leak and there was a bit of a rattle. I think the rattle is due to a loose part and I may need to pull apart the engine to fix it. He said there was something wrong with the transmission and he couldn't shift the car into gear... The heater for the car wasn't working, which can be a problem with the upcoming winter months. The battery needed to be recharged and wouldn't keep a charge once hooked up. I think the radiator might need to be fixed/replaced as well. He offered to sell it for $2,200 but he only knew about the transmission problem before he finally started it up for me so I might be able to buy it for less. I am pretty sure those are all the major issues but there may be a few small problems I am forgetting about. Seems like it might be a bit of a project car and wanted to know if it will be worth the trouble and money to fix up. I was also wondering about good engine swaps if I were to buy this 1971 240z. I was thinking it might be better to take out the original engine and swap it with either another Z engine or something else. Not too sure what is compatible, reliable and good priced. I don't have a very large budget so am looking for cheaper options. If anyone could help me out or have an Idea for what I should do, please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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