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  1. The pictures above doesn't detail the complete shifter. There is an extension which threads on to the lower half and secured by the jam nut you see. This does result is more side to side throw but no where near stock travel. The reverse lockout bracket also isn't installed in the picture but you can see a small standoff on the right side of the lower shaft. This prevents the user from miss shifting from 5th to reverse and requires that stand off to be pressed down before selecting reverse.
  2. Yes that is the stock hole. That shifter i selected does come with a sacrifice as mentioned above.
  3. Thanks for the compliments! I wouldn't recommend the company i went with good thing they are not on your list. I've heard good things about PMC and Fish Raching. If i was to do it all over i would have gone with Fish Racing. I think going with that configuration would allow an external shifter relocation (haven't taken any measurements to confirm). The internal shifter that i converted too is not ideal to say the least. The throw between 2nd to 3rd and 4th to 5th are so short and easily shifting into the wrong gears.
  4. Hello everyone. I just finished swapping (2JZGE/CD009) my 260z and I'm upgrading the cooling system with a champion 4 row. Champion Radiator: inlet 1-1/4" outlet 1-1/4" 2JZGE: Upper: 1-5/16" Lower: 1-7/16" what hoses are everyone using? Attached are some photos during the swap process.
  5. Hello everyone this is my first post, and have been doing a lot of research to Megasquirt my L28. I've been struggling to find a post on the modifications needed for flywheel trigger support. I've read mentioned of drilling the flywheel without the details. Can someone provide a link or details on what's needed to complete this crank trigger option?
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