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  1. Not some bad ideas so far. I was planning on having the red stitching on the center console wrap meet with where it ends on the bottom of the dash, but wrapping a center console in vinyl, with it's deeper pockets and all, would be challenging. However, it is nice to not have to worry about the surface finish of the material if it's going to get wrapped in vinyl... We'll see what I choose.
  2. Hey, so I feel like sharing what I've been doing with my car. Over the last couple years, between school and work and whatnot, I've been making an interior for my 240z. I'll have some time to start working on it again soon, so I figured I would start a progress thread. So far the dash and door panels are done, with a center console and re-do of the gauge cluster yet to come. After that would be new vinyl on the pillars, rear shock towers, etc., new seats, and re-do the carpeting. The door panel cardboard was rotted and falling apart, so I made panels from fiberglass and tried my hand at sewing up covers for them. The dash started as a frankenstein temporary thing that we threw in there from a 240sx that we cut/glued to fit, and adapted the LS1 gauge cluster to fit the 240sx gauge cluster surround, so it would fit the dash. I liked the shape, so I used it as a mold and made a fiberglass dash, sewed up a cover (Stitching isn't perfect, I'm new to this) and made a fusebox cover/auxiliary gauge panel. My sister has an embroidery machine, so I had her put that sexy Z logo on there.
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