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  1. It does. I recently picked up a swap done by a previous owner "Cyrus" that did it in 2005 with it. The gear shift pops up right before the ash tray. I'm in the middle of doing a full upgrade of the interior and removed out a worn out center console. The center console will have to be cut to make it work again if you want to keep it, at least that is how this swap goes.
  2. Normally I can find everything with searches but couldn't find this one
  3. Hi, I doubt this is just a logging issue but would like to know what you think. I have a 81zxt setup in a 260z (mostly stock) with 450 injectors, 82 dizzy with vg30 wheel, intercooled running 9PSI. Most of the car drives fine but not perfect. It pulls strong in the 2000-4000 range but after that is feels flat, sometimes hesitates. I believe I'm running a little lean and my wideband sensor is bad. The issue I'm seeing is the RPM line is not steady at any time while I'm data logging. I can't figure it out. All of my sensors are shielded wiring including TPS, CAS, CLT, and intake temp. I do
  4. Let me know what you have and how much to ship to 34655. Thanks
  5. Let me know what you are looking to get out of it. Having issues with my 81 CAS. Thanks. Send me an email at james.ray@hcahealthcare.com
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