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  1. Thanks for the info on cx racing. Guess that's the way I'll go
  2. Hey everyone, did anybody ordered from McKinney motorsport lately or at least got any kind of contact with them? It's been a while since I ordered some swap parts for my rb25det at their online shop - engine/transmission mounts, rear sump oil pan and throttle cable with bracket. This was on September 27 last year. Since then no updates and they seem to refuse giving any reply on mails, contact sheet on their new website or facebook where I saw some pretty angry opinions meanwhile. I didn't call cause I live in Germany. I've read some topics about good McKinney quality on these forums. That's why I chose them over cx racing where I was looking for the same parts. Can anybody share my experiences or does it really take that long to get stuff from them? Regards
  3. Hey everybody, my name is Sascha, I live in south Germany and I love japanese cars Besides the S30 Series also my supercharged BRZ I modded over the last 5 years. Still enjoying every ride with this car but you just can't resist the charme of a good old S30. It took some years but last week I went to the Netherlands and finally got my own '73 240Z. This was the beginning to realize my dream project car is becoming true. I bought it without engine and gearbox to save some money since I want to do a swap. It will be delivered tomorrow afternoon and I'm pretty excited about it. The first and one of the main parts arrived this week: It will be mostly rebuild to prevent some disappointments. A R33 GTS-T gearbox is also on its way. Here are tons of useful information on this forum I already browsed the last few days which showed me the first starting problems: No more available rear sump oil pans from the rb20 and got no answer from an email to Pat1 so far. McKinneyMotorsports refuses to respond my requests for the RB install Kit I'd like to buy... I hope for a good time here and finding the helpful advices I'm looking for Regards, Slashy
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