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  1. Once again, thanks for the reply. Wideband is made by the same people that make the rest of the gauges in the car which is why I chose it, it is GlowShift. But it uses the same Bosch sensor as a lot of the other makes. The tuner does use his own sensor, matched up pretty close to what my wideband was showing. However, I may invest in a better unit before I try the MS in the car again. It is stock injectors, I think we had to swap the injector rail and injectors from the motor we took out for some reason, sorry just don't remember why we had to do that or if we actually did. I have looked through the years to find size of the GE injectors, my research always said 315cc but the tune I was sent has 250cc. I think I'll try their size setting. I'll have to ask him about the timing offset, there is a different setting in my tune than the donor tune, need to research that a bit. I hate to focus too much on the numbers, the point is the power is off with the MS and better on the stock ecu. It's significant, not just a couple but double digits. I can't make the point enough, we are very familiar with what the car feels like, what typical lap times should be, corner entry and exit speeds, etc. There is no doubt the power is off comparatively. When I get done with these two races over the rest of the month, I'll get back on this. I just haven't been able to commit any time toward it the last couple of weeks. These are the differences I noted between the tunes. You'll have to remember this was a plug and play unit that is sold as having a base tune you can get the car running on to get it to a tuner. I didn't change many of these simply for that reason, but now that I have some more info I will probably change a few things. My Tune Similar tune from DIY Basic/Load Settings Engine & Sequential Settings Required Fuel 10.6 6.1 Squirts per engine cycle 2 1 Injector staging Alternating Simultaneous Injector size 315 250 Injector trim Off On General Settings Barometric Correction Two independent sensors Initial MAP reading Realtime Baro Port Analog In 3 MAP AFR table Load Use primary load (Algorithm) MAP Rev Limiter Rev Limiter CLT Based CLT Based Normal Spark retard mode Off Fixed Angle Retard to (deg) - 8.0 Enable Fuel Cut Limiting On Off Engine State Settings Wide-open throttle threshold (%) 95 99.9 Fuel Settings Fuel VE table 1 Values are 32 to 85 Values are 90 to 160 Ignition Settings Ignition Options/Wheel decoder Ignition input capture Rising Edge Falling Edge Tooth #1 angle (deg. BTDC) 4 2 Main wheel speed Crank wheel Cam wheel Nominal dwell (ms) 2 3.5 Spark duration (ms) 1 2 Ignition table 1 (spark advance) see table, some differences Accel Enrich Accel-Pump Accel Enrichment Accel TPS dot threshold (%/sec) 15 999 Cold Accel multiplier (%) 140 100 Full Accel Below: (rpm) 2000 6000 Zero Accel Above (rpm) 6000 7000 3D Tuning Maps Ignition table 1 (spark advance) Looks significantly different
  2. Thanks for the reply. I thought I put the basics in my original post, but yes I am using a wideband for input to the ecu rather than the stock O2 sensors. What else? As far as whether it is just feel, yes it is feel but we have 1000's of laps in the car and the lap times were off just as you would expect from the feel of the car. So, despite not getting a base run with the stock ecu, it is off considerably no doubt, the only question would be exactly how much. Plus my buddy on infinity pulled 25 more hp with similar engine just as a reference point. With the stock ecu, the car is at typical feel and typical lap times. I did reach out on the MS forums, I am in such a unique position I just don't think there are many out there that can help apparently. I did get a tune from MS of a similar 2JZGE and that helped tremendously. Running the Compare Tunes feature on Tuner Studio was very helpful, so it may tell me what I need because there were several differences. Dwell was different, injector settings was different, timing map was a little more aggressive, among other stuff. Once again, thanks for the input.
  3. I am running the latest 2JZ Supra SC300 9298 MS3Pro PnP Plug and Play from Megasquirt. I have installed it in a 92 manual SC300 that I use for endurance racing. The engine is stock, but is a fresh JDM engine with good compression. I installed the MS and had trouble getting the settings right to get it to run, but finally figured out a few issues. It is supposed to come with a tune that will start the car, but most of the settings were for a turbo 2j so I was able to learn some basics of the ecu software by getting those corrected. When I got the car running, I took to a tuner that hasn't had a lot of experience with the MS Tuner software (friend of a friend, no cost), but he was able to get a timing triggering issue resolved and got the acis to trigger properly. Afterward on subsequent pulls, the best timing and fuel maps he could dial in are in the latest tune, but there is something just not right. The top end power is below what it should be, at least 15 hp maybe as much as 25 missing. I can post the latest tune, log file, and even the dyno pull if someone would be willing to take a look at it. I did not get a baseline with the Toyota ecu, wish I would have, but I took the car to the track and ran it on the MS, came in, installed the Toyota ecu, and ran it again and it is what you would expect from a power standpoint on the Toyota, lacking on the MS. It has a feel like a slight hesitation, but not a dead miss, especially at the upper end but at the extreme upper end it's like you can feel it come in. I realize the butt dyno is subjective, but it's noticeable enough that it is real so no doubt the power is down on the MS. There doesn't seem to be a sync loss in the log file, but we did see some sync loss at idle but nothing in the pulls. I keep thinking it has something to do with that, especially given that is a known issue on earlier MS when using the distributor for timing sensing. One oddity when comparing the two ecu's, the Toyota seems to be dumping fuel, afr's in the low 10's and even 10 flat at wot but on the MS we see more reasonable high 11's low 12's. I am aware we can optimize that, just trying to start somewhere safe. This is a "new" engine but the previous engine did the same thing from an afr standpoint on the Toyota, so it's not a specific injector issue, etc. The engine is strong on the Toyota ecu. I hope someone will be willing to either share a similar tune I can dig through and maybe figure out something that is missing or wrong in settings, timing, fuel, etc. Or be willing to look through mine and see if they see anything obvious. Any help provided would be much appreciated. Right now I am leaving the Toyota ecu in for the next race (weekend after next) unless I can figure something out. I am admittedly a noob on this stuff, but I have had fun learning and look forward to learning more. Track Tune Starting MAP.msq Track Session Data Log 1.msl