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  1. Some of you may have seen me on FB asking for assistance on the Church of L- Series Page yesterday and this morning, I posted here as suggested. Apologies if this is not the correct location. BLUF: I worked through the MS3 Setup guide and have reached the point where I should be able to start the car, the car cranks but I am not getting any ignition. I am looking for advice from those who may have gone down this path or one similar on Items to check and validate. My basic setup is below: MS3X Built by ProtunerZ, LSx Coils (D581 Square) OneSix Industries CAS Deatschwerks 440cc high impedance FIs I have added my base tune and last data Log for those interested. 2021-12-26_13.42.49.mlg Tom 280Z 2021-12-26_15.15.52.msq
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