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  1. Thank you guys for all the replies and i do understand that im asking for alot. That would be the dream car but i love my Z and im obviously willing to cut the wants on my list to just get get it better then where it is. I obviously would love to get it handle like my bmw but i understand that its nearly impossible without a shell swap. I would like to try and stay away from putting one car on top of the other i feel like building custom frames and mounts would be even more work then what i had in mind possibly more money then a kit too. I guess what i realistically want is a quite, economic, stronger auto engine. which i feel isnt really that big of an ask after cutting some of the others? right? I dont know much about what kits are out there other then all the V8 builds. I mean to make it quieter Id just use a good amount of insulation, lizard skin, and new weather striping. But just like you said its just a matter of finding an engine that fits and gives me room to still have AC/Heat. I can live without the power steering haha. but i feel like new coilovers or baggs will get the car atleast feeling more "Modern" Some people in the datsun club i go to told me a to get a 300zx which is newer and u can swap most of the part for a quick cheaper way. Im not trying to be unreasonable, and I know i asked for alot. but Id still like to get as close as i can to the original goal with Comfort, Handling, Economic, power in that order. I was hoping for some creative ideas on here haha. And on the topic of Budget yes money is always an issue but I do have alot of friends who are willing to help me for free they just dont know Z's theyre just along for the ride it up to me to find the game plan to execute.
  2. Hey guys, New to the Forum, but thought this would be the perfect place for my vision. I have a 75 280z automatic, its in great condition but i have a dream of doing a restomod. I want to create a Classy daily driver. something that feels like modern luxury driving, handling, and reliable. My cars LOUD, rattles and pops. Im not trying to break the bank so i was hoping to find a donor car off auction that i can Salvage a majority of the parts from to keep the price down. But that means i need to find a car that fits and would be the least amount of Fab work to get my end product. Ive stayed up Countless Nights looking through this forum to find a similar build but it looks like every one is just trying to build the biggest and loudest. However i havent been here to long so maybe some one can help or direct me to the right Page or just share their knowledge and get me in the right path. What ive been thinking of doing to it, is, ( Newer Engine Swap- Not quite sure what would work for me Id like something newer, modern, quieter, smaller that still has more power then stock that also more fuel economic, wanted to stay automatic) (Power steering) (air conditioning/heating) ( coilovers or Air bags?Not sure whats best for more of a modern comfy ride?) (brakes?) Could be more that Im forgetting. INTERIOR ( Lizardskin or Dinomat? for insulation and sound) (custom Upholstery) ( also wanted to put a 240 dash in instead of my 280 with custom touch screen console) In short i want a fast modern car that looks as beautiful and classy as the datsun. I have a bmw 03 e39 525i i thought of using that however i dont want to just do a shell swap like some of the youtube builds do like " B is for build"s channel
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